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People who work on their feet all day often find it takes a toll on their feet after a while. Sore feet is a common complaint from nurses, construction workers, waitstaff, teachers and many other professions. For some, the pain goes beyond just sore feet, and results in back and joint pain as well. If you’ve thought about using an insole for foot pain relief, here’s what you need to know.


A recent study showed standing all day at work takes a serious toll on lower limb health due to daily muscle fatigue and may have long-term consequences for those who have to stand for prolonged periods for their work.

The study concluded standing up to five hours or more a day, contributes to significant and prolonged lower-limb muscle fatigue. This may raise your risk for long-term back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. This is bad news for the millions of bank tellers, retail assistants, assembly line workers, and others who earn their living standing on their feet.


A Swiss based study pointed out that almost half of all workers worldwide spend more than three-quarters of their workday standing. They noted two hours of standing on the job is not associated with problems, but "a longer period is likely to have detrimental effects," said Maria-Gabriela Garcia, a doctoral candidate within the department of health sciences at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.

"Basically, the body does not like to have the same posture or load placed on it continuously, so change is always good," said Kermit Davis, graduate program director for environmental and occupational hygiene at the University of Cincinnati. The foot’s structure will experience misalignment and pain when supportive muscles and tendons begin to fatigue after standing for prolonged periods, most especially in the arch of the foot.


Shock absorbing or ‘massaging gel’ insoles provide extra cushioning when working in demanding environments, most especially on hard surfaces. A well-known maker of insoles, Dr. Scholl’s, claims “all day shock absorption, comfort and energy” from their Work Insoles product line. This type of insole absorbs foot impacts and redistributes these forces over larger surface area, to cushion the foot and lessen the impact of standing all day. The company also claims to “reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs.” Sounds great if it works!

Most workers, especially those 45 years of age and over, require more than just shock absorption and a massaging gel. They also need foot support to make up for what they lack anatomically due to age and to allow them to comfortably stand throughout a demanding workday.

One such innovative insole that meets the needs of older workers is SelectFlex. This unique insole has a ‘PowerLift Arch™’ that actually lifts your arch upwards throughout the entire day to constantly support the foot and maintain the structure of arch. If you have sore feet from standing all day, this sounds like manna from heaven.

SelectFlex partnered with the largest orthotic manufacturer in North America and is the only arch-adjustable insole on the market. SelectFlex provides 3 comfort settings to suit your demanding needs. The tagline is “Dial-In Comfort/Adjust Away the Pain!” Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise, famous said, “Make it so!”

A constantly-lifting arch provides all-day comfort that keeps you feeling more energized, helps reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs, and allows you to stay on your feet longer. This is the most comfortable insoles on the market and worth a try.


I love being a healthcare professional making a difference in improving patient’s lives and health. As a peri-operative nurse standing for long periods in the operating room, foot pain is the bane of every nurse’s existence. Even if you start your day with an infectious smile and positive attitude, being on your feet the entire 12-hour shift can turn even the most cheerful nurse into a grumpy one.

As I grow older, I constantly struggle with the physical demands of static posture, from continually standing in one position during lengthy surgical procedures and or awkward postures from tilting the head downwards for long periods of time.

Other workplace challenges range from carrying heavy instrument trays, bending down to reach the sterile field while scrubbed, assisting surgeons or the worst part of standing on hard work surfaces such as concrete, creating repetitive strain and pain in the feet from lack of arch support.

All surgical personnel are at risk for work-related musculoskeletal injuries. Simple foot and ankle pain can lead to disability and puts our careers at risk. But as we in the medical profession know, prevention is better than the cure.

The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) recently published a position statement outlining ergonomically healthy workplace practices. It outlined strategies to reduce the risk of repetitive injuries and provides guidelines for developing a preventative plan for an ergonomically healthy perioperative environment. Proper arch support was listed as one of the most important preventative health factors.


Imagine walking through the physical therapy (PT) department and seeing your coworker, a peri-operative nurse of 25 years, as the patient. Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than you think. Thirty-eight percent of nurses suffer from back pain so severe they must take time off from work and to 12% of nurses have such severe back pain that they must leave nursing altogether.

Past surveys have shown up to 54% of workplace injuries among nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides were musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The U.S. Department of Labor defines MSDs as injuries or disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, or spinal discs.

A recent study of 636 Japanese University nurses found foot and ankle pain was prevalent in 24% to 51% of staff. Respectively, the study also showed the prevalence of pain that prevented the nurses from performing daily living and work-related activities at 4% and 17%.


According to, 45% of women, 65% of men nurses wear running shoes to work. If you use this type of shoe, you can add a supportive insole that provides the kind of arch support you need to help reduce pain.

For me, having better arch support was the best way I found to prevent tired, painful feet, legs, and lower back at the end of a long shift. When my arches are properly supported, my whole body, and especially lower back, are aligned. I even noticed less neck pain. The best part was that without all this pain I felt like I had more energy at the end of the day.

There are a lot of shoe inserts out there that promise to provide arch support, but not all of them deliver. When I came across SelectFlex and saw it was customizable, I gave it a try. It’s PowerLift Arch dynamically lifts your foot arch with each step and corrects the foot’s tendency to roll inwardly or pronate. Up to 80% of the population’s feet tend to pronate, which throws off the body’s alignment. This gives you painful feet at the end of the day from misalignment. Plus, it’s adjustable so you can choose the level of support that works best for your feet.

Other inserts also fail to address the impacts of walking on a hard surface all day. I found SelectFlex stabilized my ankle as I walked, absorbing the impact throughout the day. For healthcare professionals who are constantly walking on hard hospital floors, this is a great product.

If you’ve ever looked into medical orthotics, you know how expensive they can be. What sealed the deal for me was when I learned SelectFlex costs one quarter of what medical orthotics cost. If you want to feel better, be more active and more productive, take a look at SelectFlex online at


Teachers, nurses, construction workers, cashiers, servers, mothers, runners, and anyone else who has spent a great deal of time on their feet, know the toll standing for long periods of time can take on your body. If your job requires you to stand for lengthy periods without rest, it can lead to a wide variety of issues, especially if you have poor posture or your shoes provide inadequate support. These issues, over time, go far beyond foot soreness and can develop into chronic foot pain and other ailments like plantar fasciitis. People on their feet all day want relief and a way to prevent future problems. Getting a quality insole can help, and this post will show you the best insole for foot pain to meet your specific needs.


When you stand, the same muscles in your feet strain repeatedly, as the pressure on them remains constant. However, when you walk about, the pressure shifts to and from different areas of your foot because the same muscles aren’t working all the time. Tired, achy feet are normal after standing all day but if your feet hurt in one particular area after a long shift on your feet, you may have a more specific support need for your feet.

Often people who have localized foot pain require softer insoles to ease pressure on their feet. Having a high-quality insole footbed is key to reducing pressure and discomfort. A good pair of insoles can make a world of difference in how your feet feel after a long day of work. The simple act of replacing your shoe insoles with a good pair of premium insoles can yield increased comfort and even decrease your chance of injury.

The best insoles for foot pain provide both cushioning as your feet bear down into your shoes and support to lift your arches and ensure proper alignment of feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Look for cushioned arch support insoles that will help to keep the foot gently supported throughout the long day and release pressure off your feet.

Here are few of the best types of performance insoles to help relieve sore feet for people who stand for extended periods of time:


This insole type provides motion control and support, making it ideal for buyers with low to neutral arches. It aims to increase your comfort by reducing and absorbing the impact of your feet while walking, running or standing for long periods. A brand like SofSole features an encapsulated air chamber in the rear foot and polymeric gel in the forefoot for optimum shock absorption.

While these are a fairly common solution for people who stand all day, they might not be right for everyone.


Semi-rigid orthotic arch support insoles feature a flexible footbed platform. It is ideal for providing excellent support for the whole foot without the arch support feeling too stiff. Rigid orthotic arch support insoles have a footbed platform that is almost entirely stiff, which make these a good option for people who require more solid arch support.

Super Feet Green is one brand of semi-rigid insoles and are good for providing comfort, stability, and support to your feet. They are also ideal for keeping your feet in check and avoid overburdening them with a shock absorption foam bed. However these types of insoles are not adjustable, and it may take purchasing a few different pairs before finding the fit that works best for you.


People who are looking for arch support, cushioning, and relief from joint pain can benefit from an adjustable lifting arch support insole. SelectFlex is unique because it’s the first truly adjustable arch that molds to your individual arch shape. The result is an insole that constantly lifts your arch upwards all day long with every step.

No two feet are alike, but over-the-counter insoles are often designed for one foot type. The benefit of choosing SelectFlex is that it provides three adjustable arch height and comfort settings to dynamically realign the foot arch, ankle joint, knees, hips, and lower back into optimal position for maximum comfort and support all day long.

Proper foot alignment can be the key to relieving foot pain and preventing further issues for many people who are on their feet all day. SelectFlex ensures proper alignment with a deep cradling heel cup that provides 50% greater ankle stability with a soft cushioning heel cup for impact absorption that mimics walking on air.

For some people with certain medical conditions, SelectFlex still may not provide the support needed, in which case a visit with a podiatrist and a custom orthotic may be the right option. However, an adjustable lifting arch support does offer more long-term relief and lasts longer than other over-the-counter options.

Learn more about SelectFlex and how it helps relive foot pain for workers on their feet all day here.