Features & Benefits

Years in development, SelectFlex is breakthrough technology. With each adjustment, our proprietary technology increases or decreases the flexural resistance to support variable arch loads. Think of it as a second arch you control that never gets tired!

One of the most amazing features of SelectFlex Orthotics is that they bio-medically conform to your unique arch geometry within 3 ranges of selectable support. Within each comfort zone (Medium, Firm, X-Firm), your arch will naturally and dynamically seek out the level of support it requires throughout the gait cycle.

SelectFlex orthotics have many unique features and benefits — all designed to give you dynamic arch support and proper alignment. Please refer to for all the details on SelectFlex’s unique features.

SelectFlex arch technology dynamically and proportionally supports your arch to counteract the loads your body places upon your arch, reinforcing them throughout the day.

Patented iFlex technology acts like a life-like spring ligament supporting your arch and absorbing downward forces during each and every step of the gait cycle, and then releasing energy back to the foot.

SelectFlex’s super-shock impact-absorbing heel cup is made from a highly engineered biopolymer to protect and cushion the heel, while increasing ankle alignment and stability 50%! 

Our partners include one of the leading medical orthotic manufacturers in the United States, with decades of experience in protecting feet. They know just about everything there is to know about feet! 

Everyone’s experience with SelectFlex will be unique to their specific foot and body conditions, which is why SelectFlex’s adjustability is so important. Proper use of SelectFlex orthotics may help reduce over-pronation and under-supination, flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis, reduce lower back pain, shin splints, as well as sore ankles and knees. Please see our “How It Works” explanation for all the details on how SelectFlex can help your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

General Usage

We do not recommend wearing SelectFlex orthotics without socks.

SelectFlex orthotics are designed to fit into most sneakers and casual shoes, as well as certain boots and dress shoes.


SelectFlex orthotics will not work with open toe shoes or sandals, high heels, loose fitting boots, corrective shoes,  and certain low profile men’s and women’s dress shoes or slip-ons. As a general rule if you do not wear socks with a particular style dress shoe, or if you only wear very thin socks or stockings, SelectFlex probably will not be appropriate in that particular shoe.


The best way to find out if SelectFlex orthotics will work in your particular shoe is to buy a pair for your athletic, work, or casual shoes and experiment with them in your other footwear before purchasing a second or third pair.

It really depends upon the design of your shoe. You can certainly insert a full length SelectFlex orthotic into your dress or casual shoe, BEFORE removing the shoe’s factory insole, to determine if the shoe has sufficient room to comfortably accommodate SelectFlex. If not, you can try removing the factory insole to see if that creates sufficient room for the full length SelectFlex.

If you have wide feet and normally go up a half size to attain additional room in your shoe, we recommend NOT doing this when choosing your size for SelectFlex.  The shell of our orthotic is constructed to fit your foot size and NOT your shoe size, so we recommend that you actually do not go up that half size.  For example, if your foot size is 10.5 and you usually buy an 11.0 shoe to compensate for a wide foot, we recommend you try a size D (9.5 - 10.5).  By choosing the appropriate size, your heel will fit more comfortably into the heel cup and the arch support will be in its proper place.  Of course we will be happy to replace it with a larger size if you need, so there's no risk. 

Yes. SelectFlex’s customizable arch support works with a wide range of arch and foot types to maximize your foot comfort. We suggest you start out with the MEDIUM setting (i.e., setting #1 MEDIUM) and over time increase the support if needed.

Yes. This is another unique advantage of SelectFlex orthotics. Some people will have different arch conditions on their feet, requiring different levels of arch support. With SelectFlex you can experiment on both feet to determine which settings are best for your unique requirements.

Yes. SelectFlex has a support setting perfect for most adults, no matter what your age and activity level.  SelectFlex is not recommend for use by children under the age of 12.

Generally, a break-in period is common with orthotics, but with SelectFlex you’re in complete control. We recommend starting out on factory setting #1 (MEDIUM) and wearing SelectFlex for 1-2 hours the first day, gradually increasing the amount of time you wear SelectFlex over the first couple of weeks. After that, start experimenting with the other support settings until you find the most comfortable for you. It may take a few attempts to find the best setting for your feet. Proper arch support may feel different but should not feel uncomfortable. If you experience discomfort after wearing SelectFlex for several weeks please contact our Customer Service department by phone at (844) 570 - 1862 to discuss your unique conditions.

SelectFlex Orthotics are engineered to be tough and resilient. A damp cloth or mild alcohol wipe works very well to remove any dirt build up. Do not machine wash. Do not immerse in water.

You should feel a difference immediately, but it may take a week or so to fully adapt to your new SelectFlex Orthotics and get the full benefits of this technology.

Simply decrease the selected support level until you find the most comfortable support setting.

Within each category (Active/Sports & Casual/Dress), the answer is likely yes. You might find it more convenient to purchase a second or even third pair for your other shoes or sneakers.

It‘s really up to you. If you are feeling too much support in your arches, simply select a lower support level. If not enough, increase support level.

No worries. A typical small sized flathead screwdriver can be used as a failsafe backup adjuster that will allow for quick adjustment. Just be sure not to force or over rotate beyond the maximum support setting. Or you can contact us for a replacement key.

SelectFlex orthotics are designed to be very durable and resilient. For normal activity level usage they should continue to provide all their benefits for six months to a year or more.  For high activity level usage we recommend replacing your SelectFlex orthotics every 4-6 months.

Customer Service

We are so confident in SelectFlex Orthotics that we will refund 100% of your purchase during the first 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with either fit or comfort. Please see our Return Policy for all of the details.

Generally, orders placed on our website will be filled within two business days.  You will typically receive your order within 5 business days of shipment.  

You will receive a shipping confirmation from our Customer Service department when your order ships. Included with that will be order tracking information.

Currently we ship only within the United States, but we’re planning to announce plans to begin shipping SelectFlex orthotics to other countries. If you would like to be placed on a notification list of other shipping destinations, please email us at news@buyselectflex.com.

You can initiate a return by contacting our Customer Service department by phone at (844)570-1862. Please see our Return Policy for all of the details.