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5 Stars | Nancy T. (NY - US)

“I am a highly active person and do step, cardio kick boxing, and power walking. I also have flat feet and use custom made orthotic insoles that cost me hundreds of dollars. After using SelectFlex I plan on getting another pair for my casual shoes and retiring my custom set for good! … Read Full Review The adjustable feature was extremely valuable to me. I first tried SelectFlex on setting 1, which didn’t do it for me. I then tried settings 2 and 3, and setting 2 is perfect for me. They are comfortable, give me great support, and after my workouts my feet no longer feel tired and I have no other aches and pains. SelectFlex gave me better support and results than my expensive custom made insoles!” Read Less

5 Stars | Paco H. (NY - US)

“I am a doorman in Manhattan and I am on my feet for most of my time at work. I would recommend SelectFlex to anyone who is either very active or on their feet a lot. I have felt great comfort and no longer have any foot pain. … Read Full Review SelectFlex gives my feet really good support. I have been a very active person throughout my life, playing soccer and other sports, and I have several sports related injuries. I would rate SelectFlex 5 stars because they give me very good arch support and I can adjust the comfort level to what I want it to be. I have used many different types of insoles over the years and none compare to SelectFlex. Now my feet feel comfortable and I am without pain.” Read Less

5 Stars | Sami S. (FL - US)

“This is my second review of SelectFlex and my horrible experience when I left my orthotics behind while visiting my daughter and could not use them for more than a week. … Read Full Review I play tennis six days a week for 4-5 hours a day. Since wearing SelectFlex, the burning sensation I used to have in my heels is gone. I have no more achy feet and I no longer have aches at the back of my legs. The balls of my feet are no longer tight and sore and my ligaments seem to be more flexible and relieved of their tightness. Within three days of playing tennis without SelectFlex in my tennis shoes, I felt a drastic change in right ankle and leg. My achilles felt tight along with my calf, and the underneath of the right side of my foot hurt. On the fourth day, while getting out of bed, I struggled to put pressure on my foot. That discomfort included shooting pain and weakness in my foot that made it difficult to walk on. Eventually, I had to put an ankle brace on. Because of the pain and instability of standing on my foot, I was unable to play tennis for two days. I am now relieved to have gotten my SelectFlex orthotics back into my shoes! The pain and weakness has subsided and I have now returned to playing tennis everyday – thanks to the relief that SelectFlex provides!!!” Read Less

5 Stars | Tommaso A. (Sicily - ITL)

“I do farming and work in the fields most of the day. I have been using SelectFlex in my work boots and absolutely love the feeling of support I get. My feet are usually in pain by the end of the day but after using SelectFlex my feet did not hurt when I took my boots off. … Read Full Review The adjuster key was easy to use. I was worried that there may be a break-in period that might hurt my feet so I started with setting #1 for a few days before increasing to setting #2. I have not changed from that setting and my feet feel great ever since. I have never used orthotics before so I have nothing to compare this to. However, I must say that my feet have never felt so energized and refreshed after a full day of farming. I would absolutely rate this product as a 5 and will recommend it to everyone I know who are on their feet all day. I have a large farm with 60 workers and will be buying a pair of SelectFlex for all of my employees.” Read Less

5 Stars | Yuri I. (NY - US)

“I am a barber and owner of 10 shops in NYC. I am on my feet all day for at least 12+ hours and wearing SelectFlex has changed my life. I have more energy to run around and at the end of the day my body overall feels better! … Read Full Review I found the adjustable feature to be very easy to use and SelectFlex was very comfortable once I found my setting. At first I put it to setting 3 assuming I would get the best support. This was a mistake and ultimately I went back to setting 1 which is perfect for me. In the past, I have been wearing a very popular retail brand insole and I have never felt this level of support until trying SelectFlex. The feeling in my arches was one of control and I did not feel tired at the end of the day. And my back, which usually has pain, was completely relieved after wearing SelectFlex. I give SelectFlex 5 stars!” Read Less

5 Stars | Derby C. (FL - US)

“SelectFlex is a really good product that I would definitely recommend to others. I found it to be very very comfortable while providing me with extra support in my arches and helping me with my foot pain. … Read Full Review I wear them daily in my work shoes on the job and on the weekends I use them to play ball in. The adjustable feature is amazing. At work I use the 2 setting and in my sports shoes I adjust up to the 3 setting for even more support. I have never used orthotic insoles before and didn’t realize all the benefits I can get from SelectFlex. I am giving SelectFlex a 5 star rating!” Read Less

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I felt a noticeable difference in how my heels, legs and back felt after wearing SelectFlex. In the past, my left leg in particular would tend to bother me while running. This stems from my previous back issues. I would get pain in my left foot and lower back. After wearing SelectFlex I began to experience less pain in my feet, legs and lower back. There was just a better sense of support and comfort when running.” Laura M. (MA-US) 5 stars

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