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Proper Body Alignment & Posture

Knowing how to move, sit and stand properly can help you stay active and prevent broken bones and disability. Proper posture can also help to limit the amount of kyphosis, or forward curve of the upper back, that can result from broken bones in the spine.

Posture can be an easy feeling throughout your musculoskeletal system when you have good alignment. But if you do most of your activities of daily living with poor body mechanics, or are injured or stressed in any way, this ease may well be replaced with muscle spasm and spinal misalignment.  Fortunately, there are ways to address the alignment of bones and their effect on joints, muscles, and/or nerves.

Posture experts have described ideal alignment in terms of the location of body parts used as landmarks, relative to a vertical plumb line that runs down through your center.

Clinically or otherwise, ideal postural alignment occurs at the joints with the two bones meeting at their centers.  Proper alignment of the body puts less stress on the spine and helps you have good posture (National Osteoporosis Foundation).

Ohhh, The Pain When Your Spine is Misaligned

When your spine is aligned properly, your body maintains a relatively straight line from your head down to your shoulders and back, as well as your hips, knees, and feet.

Having proper alignment goes beyond maintaining a good posture — it can also help prevent long-term pain. Misalignment may impair your range of motion, and severe issues can affect your quality of life (Healthline)

Risk factors of spine misalignment:

Spine misalignment can eventually cause more serious issues that extend beyond mild pain and discomfort. If your spine isn’t aligned properly, you may be at increased risk of:

DYNAMIC ARCH SUPPORT Corrects Alignment and Posture

Most people understand that in order to build and maintain proper posture you need to keep yourself in good shape generally.  That means to exercise regularly, maintain your proper weight and stretch. Stretches that are specific to the spine are especially helpful such as Planks and Cat-Cow poses.

However, there is another crucial variable that most people don’t take into account when considering how best to achieve proper alignment and posture.  That is the footwear and arch support that your foot receives.  When your feet and arches are supported properly than the rest of your body will be in a better position to be properly aligned and in turn achieving good posture.

Most shoes do not provide proper arch support, and most insoles provide what we like to refer to as static support vs. Dynamic.  By static, we mean there is no fluid support through the gait cycle in support of the arch.  Static support is primarily the type of support that all orthotic insoles provide, whether they are custom or over-the-counter.  To be able to provide Dynamic Arch support would mean providing support underneath the arch throughout the gait cycle, and effectively maintaining alignment throughout the gait cycle.    

There is now such an insole called SelectFlex that provides the Dynamic Arch Support. SelectFlex is an entirely new type of dynamic energy returning insole that just won the ISHN Best Protective Footwear category for 2020.  SelectFlex insoles use a patented energy returning arch lifting technology called the PowerLift Arch.  The PowerLift Arch provides the wearer with 3 energy return levels to support the arch with dynamic alignment with every step.  A byproduct of proper alignment will be good posture. 


Minor issues with spine alignment or poor posture may not be a cause for concern. But it’s important to see a doctor if you have any signs of misalignment to help prevent complications. If you’re able, consider exercising, stretching, and sitting less to help relieve pain and strengthen your core, however wearing insoles that properly support your arches can help you achieve and maintain good posture before any of these issues arise.

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Adjustability In Our Lives

As we go about our daily lives, we don’t always take stock of just how important the factor of “adjustability” is to add comfort and convenience.  How would feel if you could not adjust your shower pressure, or when you sat in your car you couldn’t adjust your seat to accommodate your long or shorter legs.  A more recent, but popular trend is the ability to adjust your bed for a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Adjustability improves our lives in countless ways throughout the day, and this benefit has been extended to how we improve upon our foot comfort and health.

Adjustable Arch Support

Arch support is a crucial part of not only foot care but one’s overall healthcare.  Historically, arch supports are static, non-customizeable products.  Whether you purchase an over-the-counter insole or a custom insole molded to your foot, it is by nature a “static” insert with no adjustability.  If you could have the ability to adjust a portion of the insert, therapeutic benefits can be achieved…especially as it relates to the arch.

When you have proper “Adjustable” arch support, the benefits include:

  • Helping to distribute pressure. Arch evenly distribute pressure across your feet and align your body.
  • Providing stability and balance. Arch supports are a great source for balance and support. They can help improve your posture and balance which can help lessen foot pain and problems related to imbalance and a lack of proper support.
  • Providing support. For those who require specialized support, their feet ailments may demand that they use artificial supports. These can help to alleviate pain and/or prevent further damage. This might be especially beneficial for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.
  • Lessening or preventing pain. Arch supports can help lessen your foot pain. Foot pain can not only cause discomfort but make it difficult to go about your day and handling important duties. However, in cases where it’s still possible, it may still be quite painful for you.
  • Preventing your arches from harm. Not only can arch supports help alleviate pain but they also provide support to your arches which prevents them from collapsing. Once they collapse, often the plantar fasciitis stretches out which could lead to painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

SelectFlex ADJUSTABLE Arch Support Insoles

There has never been an insoles that allows the wearer to adjust the level of support within the arch.  By virtue of having proper arch support you would be able to properly distribute pressure across your arches, provide stability and balance, provide support, and lessen foot pain (WebMD). For people already suffering from chronic conditions of the feet or persistent pain, proper arch support can help alleviate symptoms and assist in recovery.

There is a new product called SelectFlex that now offers Adjustable arch support allowing for proper alignment and support of the foot.  They achieve this through their breakthrough PowerLift Arch® technology.  The PowerLift Arch allows the wearer to adjust the level of support for the arch, helping to alleviate and prevent foot and lower body extremity conditions. 

Step into customizeable and adjustable prevention to alleviate your foot condition today by giving your feet the support they need. Visit our website (www.SelecFlex.com) or call (844) 570-1862 to learn more about how you can give your body Adjustable support, stability, alignment, cushioning, and mobility with orthotic insoles.  Find out more today!






Arch support is a term being used a lot in the “Health Awareness” community.  When shopping for almost any type of shoe today, you’ll undoubtedly be asked..”what’s  your foot type?”.  You should know that if you have an abnormally high or low arch and if you tend to overpronate or underpronate and choose a shoe accordingly.  Even more importantly, complimentary to most shoes, it is worthwhile to consider an orthotic insole to put in that shoe in replace of the factory insole.  More often than not, they DO NOT provide the proper Arch Support that coincides with your individual foot type. 

Studies have shown a reduction in pain after using arch support, mainly because arch support provides a cushion to the affected area. Neutral cushioned shoes can result in the reduction of pain in flat-footed athletes with plantar pressure. Another trial was held on 43 patients with plantar fasciitis.  According to 2016 National Runner Survey, motion control (adjustability), cushion, stability, and injury prevention were some of the biggest concerns on buyers' mind.


Insoles are all generally “static”, meaning once they are inserted into your shoe they do not move at all through your gait cycle.  Whether they are hard plastic conformed insoles that are custom made, or even over-the-counter insoles with a foam footbed that degrades relatively quickly, they all essentially to not move with the foot in a conforming manner through your gait cycle. 

There is however, a new groundbreaking product in the insole arena called SelectFlex that does exactly this through their VRB technology and PowerLiftArch™ system.  SelectFlex is the first dynamic insole that lifts your arch into alignment with each and every step from 3 Arch support levels.

The PowerLiftArch™ has 3 selectable arch support settings, with setting#1 providing 10 lbs. of arch lift per step, setting#2: 14 lbs. and setting#3: 18 lbs. This is significant when multiplied over one mile or 2,000 steps:

  • Setting#1: 2,000 steps X 10 lbs = 20,000 lbs of arch support per mile
  • Setting#2: 2,000 steps X 14 lbs = 28,000 lbs of arch support per mile
  • Setting#3: 2,000 steps X 18 lbs = 36,000 lbs of arch support per mile

This unique dynamic insole provides continuous lifting arch alignment with every step to promote lower extremity health, reduced overuse injuries, less pain and refreshed feet at the end of a long day standing at work.

If you are on your feet all day, stand for long periods of time for work or looking for enhanced athletic performance & reduced recovery time, SelectFlex delivers daily and long term benefits.  A recent multi-phase study measured the PowerLiftArch delivering up to 89% more arch support. This means your foot is kept in ideal comfort and healthy alignment, with more arch deformation control.

In addition to this benefit, the patented heel PowerCup™ cradles the heel with up to 50% more ankle stability that provides balance and sure stride, with a super soft elastomer shock absorbing heel.

When the body is in alignment, it requires less energy and wear and tear to move. SelectFlex lifting arch insoles were designed to keep you in greater alignment and less pain, especially if your feet pronate or roll inwards like 80% of the population.

A recent University survey showed participants in the performance studies loved the ability to customize arch support with 3 different settings and valued the comfort of the adjustable insole molding to their foot arch.  After long walks, the comfort felt from the active arch control with each step gave SelectFlex an 82% comfort rating for everyday wear.  SelectFlex insoles are as effective as custom made orthotics, at 1/4 the cost.