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Welcome to SelectFlex®,
The World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole

We started with a very challenging and intriguing premise 5 years ago — what if we could create medical products that move with the body to more naturally support how our anatomy works as we age or heal from injury, by providing custom, adjustable controlled comfort to the body.

The goal was not to simply capture the biomechanics of how the body moves, but invent an adjustable support technology to allow for a wide range of movement with customizable support for maximum comfort. Our family of adjustable products perform proactively and dynamically, by constantly correcting and realigning structural anomalies that cause acute and chronic injuries overtime.

After years of collaborative partnership with a leading medical orthotics company, our team of engineers and product designers developed a uniquely dynamic and adjustable arch support technology we call SelectFlex.

In drawing from Nature’s Law Occam’s Razor (the simplest solution is often the best solution), the team realized that supporting natural foot movement with dynamic alignment throughout the entire gait cycle, would achieve the highest levels of comfort and pain relief throughout the body’s lower extremities.

Our happy customers agree! SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotic Insoles is our first commercial product launch that combines our adjustable, realigning technology to dynamically LIFT the arch of the foot with every step, mimicking the spring ligaments within your foot.

A Quinnipiac University Motion Analysis Lab Study completed in January 2020, quantified our patented revolutionary PowerLift Arch™ provides up to 52% Increased Arch Support, with 3 Selectable Energy Return Levels to Adjust & Control Comfort at 1/4 the cost of custom-made orthotics.

Additionally, we are in development of three more core product categories. With dynamic support on the horizon, we plan on introducing over the next few years the following products; (1) the ReFlex footwear energy return and suspension system with 4 controllable zones, (2) the Exobrace, a dynamically LIFTING knee brace and (3) a Back brace that will allow the user to select zones of support for your lower back that move with your body to maximize comfort.

It has been an amazing journey for us to this point — from finding an engineering solution to a very complex problem with the knowledge that we are now helping people around the world lead pain-free lives. We are grateful to you for choosing SelectFlex, and we look forward to providing more revolutionary products to improve the quality of your life.

- Team SelectFlex