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Footwear & Footcare

Your footwear directly impacts the overall health of your feet. It is important that your shoes contour to your feet and match with the overall width and shape of your foot (WebMD). If you notice that your feet are sore and frequently tired you may need to start with better shoes. If you are wearing the wrong shoes, foot pain and other issues can result. Learning more about your feet, the right and wrong shoes and general footcare can help to ensure that your feet are healthier. However, if you've tried new footwear and are still having pain, your footcare routine may need work and understanding your arch type is an excellent first step.

Foot Arch Types
There are three primary types of foot arches and knowing the type that you have plays an important role in helping you choose the best type of footwear. The three types include:
(Medline Plus) 

  • Flat feet: With this type of arch, your foot tends to over-pronate and roll inward when you are walking. This makes you more vulnerable to arch pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. An estimated eight percent of adults in the US have flat feet.
  • Medium arch: This type of arch is moderately flexible and biomechanically efficient. However, you may still be prone to discomfort in the balls of your feet and heels.
  • High arch: This arch type causes a lot of pressure on your forefoot and rearfoot. Your arch sits high, and your foot tends to be very rigid. Pain in the balls of your feet and heels, and plantar fasciitis, are possible with a high arch.

Shoes to Avoid
Your shoes can either help or hurt your feet. It is important to choose shoes with adequate support for the type of arch that you have. Certain shoes are not ideal no matter your type of arch:

  • Flip flops: These shoes offer little to no support for your feet and may increase your risk of plantar fasciitis.
  • Worn-out shoes: If your shoes are worn out, they lack the arch support that your feet need. They are also not ideal for orthotic insoles.
  • High heels: These shoes can lead to foot pain and issues like bunions due to lack of support and forcing your feet into an unnatural position when you are wearing them.
  • Pointed shoes: Since these shoes squish your toes, they may cause structural damage and pain over time.

Taking Good Care of Your Feet
Before you spend a great deal of money on new shoes, consider the addition of an arch support insole to your existing shoe. If your shoes are in need of replacing, make sure to get a pair that offers space in the toe box. If you do choose to add an arch support, you want to keep pressure off the end of the foot and avoid pushing down on the tops or ends of your toenails
(Better Health). The right orthotic insoles can ensure proper footcare and better comfort.

They can also be beneficial for the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Flat feet
  • Heel spurs
  • Injuries
  • Back pain
  • Bunions
  • Diabetes
  • Hammer toes
  • High arches
  • Plantar fasciitis

In addition to considering your arch type, you need to figure out what you will be doing in your shoes to pick the right inserts. For example, will you be using your shoes to run or engage in moderate to vigorous exercise? If so, you will need more support than if you just use your shoes for casual walking. It is also important to think about how often you will wear your shoes since you want a sturdier insert if you wear them daily and for extended periods of time.

All of these factors will help determine which inserts are the right choice for you. One of the best options includes customizable arch support shoe inserts like SelectFlex. These orthotic insoles are not typical shoe inserts, as they offer customizeable arch support through their patented PowerLift Arch® suspension system.

Now is time to make sure that you are doing everything that you can for your feet with SelectFlex Arch Control Insoles. These shoe inserts offer customizable arch support due to their adjustable technology. This allows for optimal support and comfort with every step that you take. Along with good routine footcare, you can significantly reduce your risk of foot problems. Take control of your Footcare today! Find out more about this special Arch-Control Insole.