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Our Best Foot Forward Returns Policy is Iron Clad.

Before you initiate a return please let us help you get optimal use out of your revolutionary SelectFlex®:

  • Try using a casual or looser fitting shoe or sneaker.
  • Remove factory insole from your shoe before inserting SelectFlex.
  • If necessary, trim the forefoot of the SelectFlex to the desired length for the type of shoe you are wearing.
  • Start on Comfort Zone #1 for 2-3 days before trying a higher setting.
  • Try adjusting SelectFlex to different Comfort Zones on each foot as your left and right feet may have different needs.


Never Used Orthotic Insoles Before

Many new users will report a very different feeling in their shoes. This is the feeling of real arch support and proper alignment. For new users, there may be a break-in period of several days to a few weeks. Give yourself a chance to let the adjustment and the alignment of SelectFlex work for you. 

Already Have Custom Medical Orthotics

If you have custom medical orthotics you are likely already suffering from foot or foot-related issues. We designed SelectFlex in partnership with Orthotics Holding Inc., one of the world's leading medical orthotics companies, to bring you dynamic adjustable arch support.

Have Only Used Gel or Foam Inserts

Most gel & foam inserts provide very little arch support and no alignment correction, they degrade and lose cushioning very quickly. SelectFlex provides controllable comfort zones and we urge you to take advantage of this benefit for your own health. Note that it will feel very different from the typical gel or foam inserts.


If you have tried all of the recommendations above and would still like to initiate a return please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to take care of you.

Email: info@selectflex.com


**Please note that all Gift Card purchases are final and non-refundable**