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SelectFlex Orthotic Insoles

SelectFlex Orthotic Insoles

SelectFlex Orthotic Insoles


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Real Science. Real Results.

SelectFlex®'s PowerLift Arch™ Suspension System is the KEY to your PAIN RELIEF.

SelectFlex Orthotic Insoles
  • PowerController™

    Featuring SelectFlex®'s patented technology, choose between 3 dynamic pain relief arch support zones with the turn of a key. Dial-in your unique level of adjustable arch support and adjust away your pain.

  • PowerBeam™

    SelectFlex®'s PowerBeam™ supplies dynamic arch support reducing pronation and aligning your entire kinetic chain. This means enhance performance with less pain & fatigue.

  • PowerCup™

    SelectFlex®’s proprietary PowerCup™ absorbs impact with up to 50% increased ankle stability & alignment reducing foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. 

  • PowerBed™

    SelectFlex®’s PowerBed™ footbed is made from a cushioned anti-microbial footbed designed to wick away moisture and keep your feet fresh.