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Meta DescriptionThis post gives a podiatrist's view on why employees who stand at work experience foot pain. It also reveals strategies for lower foot-injury incidents. 

Support Employees Who Stand at Work

As a podiatrist for 20 years, I've diagnosed thousands of painful foot conditions. The majority of my patients have told me that they first experienced foot problems while they were at work. I always tell employers that when an employee has a work-related foot injury, their business will feel pain in other ways. Here is what I've learned.

Employees Who Suffer Work-Related Foot Injuries Cost Businesses More Than They Initially Think

According to the (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there were more than 50,000 non-fatal foot injury cases in 2015. During that time, employees spent an average of 10 days away from work recuperating. That equates to lost productivity and lost profits for businesses.

My medical practice is my life's calling. My goal, however, is for every patient to avoid the suffering of a long recovery after surgical foot procedures.

Unfortunately, preventing debilitating foot conditions for employees when they stand for a majority of their workday may be a pipe dream. That is unless employers support their workers in the quest for maintaining healthy feet for life.

Industries and Foot Injuries

Workers who stand for long periods usually work in fields such as:

  • Delivery
  • Foodservice
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial

Foot Pain is Often the First Indication of a Foot Problem That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Along with general work fatigue, they may experience foot fatigue, leg fatigue, flat feet, and other mishaps while standing all the time at work.

Plantar Fasciitis is another common foot ailment. The symptoms include aching pain or tender pain in the arch or bottom of the heel. When walking, the discomfort comes and goes. Therefore, this affects their job performance when a painful episode suddenly occurs.

The Best Way Employers Can Support Their Workers and Lower Foot Injury Incidents

My patients tell me that although they stand for long durations, they would rather not sit all day. They just want to have healthy, pain-free feet.

I believe businesses can support their employees by following these easy steps.

  1. Remind Employees to Take Care of Their Feet

The American Heart Association recommends that everyone should take care of their feet to prevent heart issues.

Keep oxygen in the body's circulatory system flowing correctly by:

  • Wearing shoe inserts because they provide relief for many types of foot conditions
  • Buying shoes that fit with your orthotics
  • Washing feet daily to prevent odor
  • Wearing clean socks made of an acrylic-blend to counter moisture
  1. Ask Employees to Exercise Their Feet Regularly

Michigan Medicine of The University of Michigan suggests exercising the feet to relieve pain.

  • Before standing in the morning or while on breaks, bend your foot up and down.
  • Stretch your toes by putting a towel around the back of your toes. Keep your knee straight, and with the towel end in each hand, pull the towel toward you. Hold for 15 seconds, three times each foot.
  • Perform toe-stretching exercises by flexing the toes.

I'd like to add another helpful tip:

  • Bring another pair of shoes to change into midway through your workday.
  1. Provide Customizable Arch Support Insoles

Every reputable medical journal I've read mentions orthotics as a proven remedy for foot ailments. As stated earlier, you can suggest employees try arch support inserts, but if you provide the inserts for them, that is even better! I can only recommend what works for me and my patients and that happens to be orthotic insoles.

I wear shoe inserts daily inside and outside of my medical practice. The only product I trust is SelectFlex Arch Control Insoles SelectFlex Arch Control Insoles.

The award-winning insoles relieve pain for several different conditions including:

  • Achy feet
  • Arch pain
  • Arthritis foot
  • Back pain
  • Diabetic foot
  • Flat feet
  • Heel pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Neuroma (pinched nerve/benign tumor)
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage that causes weakness/numbness in feet

Over the past few months, several of my patients have begun wearing inserts with their shoes. Soon after they put them on for the first time, they tell me they will never be without them. They also wonder why no one told them about the product sooner.

I suggest businesses stock up on orthotic insoles. I believe that is the best way to support employees who frequently stand while they work. When you invest in your team, you safeguard your greatest asset. Learn more about customizeable arch supports and you'll understand what I mean. Text 844-600-0082 or call (844) 570-1862 today.






construction worker

Construction is hard on your body and most especially your feet and joints. I am really proud of my job being a productive member of society fabricating infrastructure and buildings but have found in my later years my feet have begun to hurt at the end for the day.

Humans have walked on the planet for thousands of years, but over the past 200 years, our environment has changed significantly. Our feet are designed for a softer terrain, but today, we walk on mostly hard, flat concrete surfaces. This forces our feet to flatten and twist with every step, especially wearing heavy boots without the proper insoles.


Even when I’m not at the construction site, my foot issues are made worse by our modern lifestyles. We are more sedentary in our daily lives than ever before, spending much of our time sitting in front of a computer screen, desk, or TV. Our feet are less accustomed to the same level of activity, so when we physically challenge ourselves, the joints, muscles and tendons are put under strain they are not used to.

Most boots come fitted with generic insoles that provide slight relief for a few days. I’ve found these cushioned inserts lack structure and offer minimal arch support. This leaves my feet and arches exposed to repetitive injury and pain due to lack of corrective support, especially as I age.

It took me years on the job before I figured out I can stay on my feet longer with the right kind of foot support. Proper boot insoles that provide arch support help distribute your weight across your foot. Flat-footed people especially need foot support and should use a footwear insole with a deep heel cup to stabilize the back of the foot while distributing weight across the base uniformly.

Get relief


After trying quite a few insoles that never seemed to get the job done, I discovered SelectFlex, the first arch adjustable insole that conforms to your arch, repeatedly lifting and supporting with every step throughout the day. SelectFlex allows you to adjust your arch support specifically to your foot with its PowerLifting Arch insoles, and the heel cup relieves the stress being on your feet can have on the rest of your body with a heel cup that provides up to 50% greater joint alignment and stability.

If you’re ready for a day on your feet with less pain, SelectFlex makes it easy with a money back guarantee! The only thing you have to lose is pain!


PowerLift Arch-Patented dynamic arch remains in constant contact with the arch of the foot to provide dynamic support on every down step and uplifting energy into every up step. Competitors provide down step support only.

PowerBeam-Provides dynamic arch support, absorbs energy on every down step and smoothly releases energy into the PowerLift Arch when you step off to help propel you forward.

PowerController- Adjusts amount of dynamic energy stored and smoothly released into the PowerLift Arch in perfect cadence to support your every step.

PowerCup-Optimally contoured heel cup delivers exceptional shock absorption, up to 50% greater ankle stability, safety and skeletal alignment for less stress on knees, hips and back.

Being on your feet all day takes a toll on your feet, joints, and back. Why wait any longer to do something about it. Get SelectFlex.

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