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We started with a very challenging and intriguing premise 5 years ago — what if we could create medical products that support the body by mimicking how human anatomy works, in its elegant simplicity and mind-boggling complexity.

Our goal wasn’t only to capture with biomechanical physics how the body functions, but invent a technology so advanced that you could intuitively control it by direct human interface. These products would perform proactively, correct structural anomalies that cause acute and chronic injuries, and allow you to withstand the daily barrage of compressive forces on your body with customized support, helping relieve pain and promoting efficient recovery from fatigue or overuse.

After 5 years of intense collaborative partnership with a leading medical orthotics company, our team of engineers and product designers has developed a core technology we call iFlex. Ingenious in its engineering simplicity, yet infinitely robust in its potential to relieve pain and promote comfort, iFlex is designed to provide adjustability that translates dynamic support to joint structures and to their biomechanical functions.

SelectFlex Adjustable Orthotic Insoles is our first commercial launch utilizing iFlex technology. SelectFlex mimics the spring ligaments within your foot to provide selectable support to the part of the body that everyday bears the brunt of downward forces — the arch.

Additionally, there are other complementary iFlex devices in various stages of development that we plan to introduce over the next few years. These include a footwear suspension system with 4 controllable zones, a lifelike, user adjustable biomimetic knee brace; and a back brace that will allow the user to dial-in biomechanical spine support.

It has been an amazing journey for us to this point — from finding an engineering solution to a very complex problem to the knowledge that we are now helping people around the world lead pain-free lives. We are grateful to you for choosing SelectFlex, and we look forward to providing more revolutionary products to improve the quality of your life.

Team SelectFlex