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Do SelectFlex Arch-Adjustable orthotic insoles really work? - SelectFlex

Do SelectFlex Arch-Adjustable orthotic insoles really work?

One part of our body that requires a lot of attention, but is often overlooked, is our feet. People tend to be in constant motion, and sometimes we overload our feet, causing them to hurt, become stressed or affect their overall function. Fortunately, one solution that can alleviate this problem is SelectFlex arch-adjustable orthotic insoles.

Do you know what SelectFlex is all about? We are a company that has been in charge of bringing people an effective and safe alternative for the well-being of their feet. Our arch-adjustable orthotic insoles are a unique product that has been worked with the best technology. But how can you be sure that our customizable orthotic insoles really work? In this article we prove it to you. 

What are our adjustable orthotic insoles about?

There are a variety of orthopedic insoles.  They are usually designed from different materials such as latex, resin, rubber components, among others. However, the development of each insole is due to the needs of individuals. But, with SelectFlex orthotic insoles, you have the advantage of treating many conditions. 

Our product is made with the best technology to match the geometry of your arch. Within each comfort zone (Medium, Firm, X-Firm), the arch will naturally and dynamically seek the level of support it requires throughout the gait cycle. That is why SelectFlex orthotics insoles provide the necessary support and are perfectly adapted to the needs of the user. 

How do orthotic insoles really work?

SelexFlex orthotic insoles cover 5 areas: cushioning, stability, support, alignment and mobility. Below, we will learn more about how our product performs in each area:


The Power Cup™ cradles your feet with a super-soft elastomer heel. This provides up to 50% more ankle alignment and stability, which reduces knee pain, as measured at the University of Edinburgh's Olympic Testing Laboratory.


With the Power Bed™ you get 3 layers of comfort: an ergonomic medical-grade shell, a resilient polyurethane memory foam cushion topped with a low-friction antimicrobial fabric to wick away moisture and keep your feet fresh all day long.


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When you walk with our SelectFlex orthotic insoles, your feet and body are continually lifted into correct, comforting alignment. The Power Lift Arch™ dynamically aligns the arch of your feet and the entire kinetic chain with every step, leaving you with less pain, more energy and comfort all day long. All levels of arch control prevent or correct overpronation for better comfort. 


The Power Beam™ supports your feet throughout the gait cycle by raising the arches during the downward and upward stepping motion. Just check which level or height works best for you.


A simple turn of a wrench on our Power Controller™ provides customizable levels of arch lift support, resulting in more energy return to cool the feet. Uniquely, SelectFlex arch support moves with the feet to allow for natural movement and maximum comfort.

Key benefits of SelectFlex orthopedic insoles

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  • Our insoles have three comfort levels. Depending on your problems, you can adjust the arch as you like. 
  • They are designed to fit most athletic and casual shoes, as well as certain boots and dress shoes. 
  • They are also designed for most adults, but children under 12 should avoid using them. 
  • They are orthotic insoles for flat feet, heel pain, high arches, bunions, tarsal tunnel, diabetic foot, corns, hammertoes, among other annoying conditions.
  • They are very easy to use and care for, even on our website you can learn more about the product. 

Get your adjustable orthotic insoles from SelectFlex

Now that you know how our orthotic insoles work and their benefits, what are you waiting for to get yours? Our feet need to have the best care, which is why you need a quality product like ours. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a new form of relief for your feet as you go about your daily activities.

For more information, you can contact us at (917) 375-5635 or you can write to our email: info@selectflex.com. It will be a pleasure to help you!